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Mac Q & A: Add Montana Public Radio to iTunes

My Mac Q & A Question: How do I add Montana Public Radio to directly to iTunes so I don’t have to go to the website? S.D., Missoula

It’s easy, but it takes a few steps. First, go to this page at the KUFM website: MTPR Commentaries. At that page, right click on the link “” and select “Save linked file to Desktop.” You’ll get a file on your desktop titled “mtpr.m3u.” (If that doesn’t work, just restart Safari and try again).

If you happen to get a file titled “mtpr.m3u.txt” on your desktop, highlight the file name and remove the last “.txt” until it’s just “mtpr.m3u”

Then start up iTunes and drag the mtpr.m3u file into your music library. Or make a new playlist just for it and drag it into that playlist. You’ll get two links to Montana Public Radio; the top one is the main stream and the bottom one is an alternate stream. You can delete one or keep them both.

Hope that helped, Mark

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