My Articles & Columns

Mark Ratledge

A new series of articles are my Random Tech pieces, covering all kinds of tech topics. My latest is November 28th, 2013's Google AfterLife. Another new series I call Rocks and Bones: Stories from Montana. My latest is October 2nd, 2012's Lucky the Wild Filly.

I write a series called Words on Wordpress in conjunction with my WordPress consulting business; the two latest articles are Mobile Compatibility and Basic Utility Plugins.

I write a Tech Talk column for the Montana Arts Council's bi-monthly newspaper State of the Arts. My two most recent are October/November/December 2016: Free Site Builders and July/August/September 2016: DuckDuckGo.

I write columns where I answer questions on Macs and OS X. My two most recent are November 3rd's Another Scam from and September 27th's What is this Bash Shellshock Bug that is in the News?

I write occasional articles on Native American issues for the Buffalo Post; my last two are February 23rd's 2010 Bear River (Baker – Marias) Massacre Memorial and July 6th, 2009's Nkwusm Works to Preserve Salish Language.

From 8/2008 to 5/2011, I wrote two columns on technology for the Missoulian: a weekly in the Sunday business section and a monthly for the Montana InBusinessMonthly supplement. My last two weekly columns posted on this site are Music in the ‘Cloud’ the Next Big Step and Silence Surrounds ‘botnet’ Actions. And my most recent Montana InBusinessMonthly column is HuffPo, AOL Deal Disregards Journalists’ Worth.